Responsive concrete5 theme

Built with Bootstrap v3.1

You can add a full width background image to this section.

We have put text over the background image in this demo, but you can also put an image, if you prefer.

Includes 5 different colour themes and multiple layout options.

Comes with 5 Different Colour Themes!

Easily switch colours from the dashboard using our theme switcher.

5 different colours: oak leaf, wild rose, slate, dusk blue and nut brown.


Quickly add an image, text and a call to action block with a thumbnail block. There is a nice fade effect on this thumbnail when the user mouses over it.

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Includes Font-Awesome, scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized with CSS.

Highlight Box

Use this block to add some text that you want to highlight. The background changes colour with the theme colour that you have chosen.

Now with Responsive Video Support!

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